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Don’t be Conned

Remember that retailers only have a small markup on the actual television and rely on people buying overpriced accessories and extended warranties to improve their profit margins. When doing your research make sure that you also pay attention to accessories.


You will need Scart leads to connect your TV to an older video or DVD player; do the cables come with the TV or will you have to buy them. If cables do come with the TV are they quality cables? As a rule of thumb the thicker the cable the better quality and look for gold-plated connectors. Cheap cables can affect picture quality on analogue connections.

A HDMI cable will be required to connect a high-definition device such as a Playstation 3. These can be very expensive, but one for between £10 and £20 will be sufficient. Don’t let the retailer convince you otherwise!

TV Wall Mounts

Most TV’s can be wall-mounted but don’t come with the wall mounts those will have to be bought separately. By the way if you are going to wall-mount the new TV have it professionally mounted or you may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

TV Stands

Gone are the days when TVs came with stands as standard. These nearly always have to be purchased separately, but it is worth shopping round. Ikea is a great place to look if you are on a tight budget.

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