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There many model specific advanced setting modes on the various LED televisions. Some are helpful but others seem to be gimmicks invented by the marketing department and you may be better off turning them off.

What is automatic widescreen format switching?

This automatic setting if turned on allows the television to automatically switch the display from standard or analog broadcasts with black bands on either side to a widescreen picture for the digital signals.

What is a Movie Cinema Mode setting?

This setting is intended to smooth out juddering or stuttering in action scenes and to display movies in the colours in which they were originally filmed. Turning on the setting does seem to smooth out the action on the some models but it can create a halo around moving objects that is distracting.   On other models it is reported to have no noticeable effect. Try it on your television and see if you like the setting, but most people leave the movie/cinema mode turned off.

What does the colour temperature setting do?

The colour temperature setting is an adjustment of the white balance displayed on the television. Generally the settings for colour temperature are warm, normal and cool. The setting which works best for you depends on your personal preference and the lighting in your home.

Does the sharpness setting improve picture quality?

The stated purpose for the sharpness adjustment is to make the picture clearer and not surprisingly sharper. However, using a higher sharpness setting on most models seems to increase picture distortions and it is generally recommended that you only use the sharpness setting if you are watching poor quality video.

What does a preset picture setting for?

The preset picture setting is supposed to allow the viewer to adjust colour, brightness and contrast with one setting change and eliminate the need to adjust each of these picture factors individually. The options are typically natural, vivid, and dynamic. You will probably find the natural preset picture setting best, but it is a matter of personal preference.

What does a noise reduction setting do?

The noise reduction setting is meant to reduce the grainy look you may get when viewing programs with a poor quality analogue or digital signal and it does seem to work.  Make sure it is off for high-quality inputs though.

What does a 3D comb filter do?

This setting is very helpful in improving picture quality if you are watching shows sent with an analogue signal or VHS tapes.

What does an expanded colour space  do?

This setting expands the number of colours on the screen so the television actually introduces colours that are not part of the broadcast. This artificial introduction of the additional colours does not seem to enhance picture quality with most signals received today.

What does the  backlight adjustment do?

The backlight adjustment alters the picture brightness. Most LCD televisions have an automatic light-sensor that adjusts backlighting to the lighting in the room. This adjustment results in a better quality picture and reduces power consumption. Testers have recommended the dynamic contrast or active control backlight adjustment setting. The only complaints have been that in programmes with sudden changes from dark to bight scenes the changes can be distracting.

Still have more questions see the “Basic Settings for Your LED TV” article for more information on settings that are helpful in getting the best picture on your new LED TV.

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Naveen mathias January 10, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Hi Techsupport,

Everything is fine when i sit & operate in front of my computer LED monitor.
when i sit down & watch movies, they look very dark and sometimes screen is not visible properly.
I have little bit turned down the monitor for the above reasons. still the same problem eists
can you give me proper adjustment


jerome rivera March 8, 2012 at 6:56 am

hi sir,
i have new LED tv the problem i was observed while im watching movie the video is full screen and suddenly sometimes it change 1 inch less the size from full screen. can you help me to my problem…thanks

Maxwell Kabanya November 21, 2014 at 5:55 pm

please help me with settings for my sumsung 32″led TV to view quality picture when watching DSTV

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