LED TVs – Energy Efficiency

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LED TVs save energy

We run around turning off lights and replacing traditional light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs to do our bit for the environment and save a bit on our electric bill but one thing most of us have not thought about is how much energy our TVs consume.

One of the advantages of the new LED TVs in addition to having a sharper picture and being thinner is that they are more energy efficient than traditionally illuminated LCD and plasma TVs.

How much energy do LED TVs save?

The TV’s using LED technology innovation use about 40 percent less energy than a traditional LCD TV of the same size and as an added eco-friendly benefit the LED sets contain no environmentally harmful mercury. The new Samsungs also have an energy saving mode which if set on high further reduces energy consumption.

Research shows that LCD TVs use less than half of the energy of the plasma televisions. And the LED LCD TVs use 40% less energy than the conventional LCD televisions.

SolveClimate,  an environmental advocacy site, calculated the electricity use of plasma and LCD sets by use per square inch. SolveClimate  determined that Plasma sets use the most electricity almost .34 watts per square inch and the traditional LCD sets consume .27 watts per square inch while LED TVs used 40% less energy.

How do I know if the TV I am considering is energy efficient?

The US EPA and the EU Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulatory Committee have established energy efficiency and performance ratings for televisions to assist consumers in determining the comparative energy usage for the various models and to encourage manufacturers to continue to improve the energy efficiency of their products. The EU will ban the sale of televisions that use more energy than the current average energy consumption will be banned from being sold in the EU after August 2010 and after August 2012 only sets with an energy consumption of 20% less than the current average will be able to be sold in the EU countries. California has also recently enacted legislation banning the sale in that state of high energy using televisions.

It is predicted the plasma and traditional LCD TVs will soon be a bygone technology and the more energy efficient LED lit TVs will dominate the television market as consumers and governments demand a more energy efficient  television technology.

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