What other features should I look for?

What is the best size? The size of the TV depends on the size of the space you are going to use it in. Many apartments and living rooms just don’t comfortably accommodate the super large screens as the distance between you and the screen is not great enough. When the input is not high-definition […]

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Which Technology is Best?

What kind of TV do I need? If you already own a good cathode ray tube (CRT) TV and it is working properly purchasing a new TV is not a necessity it is a matter of personal choice. If, for example, you want to watch high-definition TV or receive Freesat without a receiver you will […]

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What is an LED TV?

LEDs or light emitting diode technology has been around for a while, whereas the use of LEDs  for illuminating the screens of LCD TVs is relatively new. Cold cathode fluorescent lamps are used to illuminate traditional LCD TVs; the LEDs replace these lamps with hundreds of the smaller LEDs. This new lighting system is very […]

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