Which Technology is Best?

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What kind of TV do I need?

If you already own a good cathode ray tube (CRT) TV and it is working properly purchasing a new TV is not a necessity it is a matter of personal choice.

If, for example, you want to watch high-definition TV or receive Freesat without a receiver you will need to buy a new set. Most new TVs over 26 inches can display high-definition pictures and receive Freesat satellite digital service with a receiver and dish.

If you are in a Freeview area most new TV’s will receive Freeview HD programming with a digital receiver box. An integrated digital TV or IDTV will have a built in digital Freeview tuner and some will also include a built-in Freesat receiver.

There are three high definition television technologies to choose from:

  • Standard LCD TV
  • Plasma TV
  • LED TV

Within the LED LCD technology there are two types of LED lighting: edge lighting and full array lighting.

Which TV technology is the best?

Again this is really a matter of personal choice.

  • LCD and plasma TVs have better picture quality than the older CRT TVs.
  • LCDs come is sizes ranging from 14 inch to 56 inches.
  • Plasma TVs are only available in 37 inch or larger screens.
  • LCDs use less power but the plasma TVs have better viewing from all angles and better black levels.
  • Both are lighter and slimmer than the old CRT’s and can be wall mounted.
  • Both have some issues with smearing and juddering.

Visit this page if you want a more detailed comparison of LCD vs. Plasma TVs.

What about LED TVs?

If you are concerned about the power your TV uses or want a really thin TV with a sharp, bright picture you may want to consider the newer LED LCD TVs.

This LED lit technology uses light emitting diode technology to illuminate the screen of an LCD television. The LED lighting makes the LED lit LCD TVs very energy efficient and very thin compared to the plasma and older LCD lighting technology TVs. The edge lit LED LCD TVs are the thinnest of the thin some little more than an inch wide and the most energy efficient.

The first edge lit LED TVs had some issue with uneven lighting especially in the corners but the newer models have incorporated a light diffusion technology to resolve those complaints.

That said the LED LCDs are more expensive than a comparable sized plasma or LCD television, so if budget is a consideration you may be better off with a plasma or a conventional LCD TV.

One technology is not necessarily better than the other however they each offer different advantages and disadvantages.

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